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A Sentiment Analysis of MAAP "Secret File"

Keyword/s: VADER; sentiment analysis; secret online files; web scraping; nltk; language translation; taglish

7/21/2021 1:34:05 PM 11
A statistical experimental design to remove sulfate by crystallization in a fluidized-bed reactor

Keyword/s: Fluidized-bed crystallization, Box-Behnken, Gypsum, Acid mine drainage wastewater

9/8/2017 1:11:17 PM 193
Ability grouping in English during the Academic Ramp Program: Beneficial?

Keyword/s: ability grouping, homogeneous grouping, language learning, gain scores

7/21/2021 1:25:06 PM 9
Additive Manufacturing Applications in Maritime Education

Keyword/s: 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Education, Learning Materials, Maritime

11/4/2021 10:59:20 AM 0
ARU Online Tracking System

Keyword/s: Educational Institution, Online Tracking, Comments and Suggestions, Views and Downloads, Research Articles

9/5/2017 12:33:11 PM 209
Assessing Maritime English in Outcome-based Framework: Measuring Student’s Competence as per STCW 2010 as amended

Keyword/s: practical assessment, STCW competencies, outcomes-based teaching and learning

9/8/2017 12:30:49 PM 248
Assessment of Code-Switching: Its Function on the Teaching-Learning Process

Keyword/s: Code-switching, bilingualism, multilingualism

10/16/2017 4:41:41 PM 586
Bacteriological Assessment of Coastal Water in Mariveles Bay

Keyword/s: coastal water; bacteriological assessment; Mariveles

7/21/2021 1:37:10 PM 0
Bacteriological Assessment of River Waters in Mariveles, Bataan


11/10/2021 1:04:14 PM 1
Class 2022 Students’ Profile

Keyword/s: Profile, Personal Information, Educational background, Family Background, Maritime concerns

11/29/2021 5:17:51 PM 0
Context and Input Evaluations of Physical Fitness Training Programs in Maritime Schools

Keyword/s: CIPP evaluation model, health, seafaring, maritime education and training, marine engineering

11/10/2021 1:08:32 PM 0
Design of 900 Mhz AC to DC Converter Using Native Cmos Device of TSMC 0.18 Micron Technology for RF Energy Harvest Application

Keyword/s: RF Energy Harvest, AC to DC Converter, Native MOSFET, Bulk-drain Connection

9/5/2017 10:52:06 AM 190
Designing “Comic books” as Instructional Material in Automation Issue 1


8/31/2017 1:38:13 PM 211
Determinants of MAAP Cadets’ Common Behavioral Issues Resulting in High Demerit Points

Keyword/s: Behavioral issue, Conduct report, Cadet, Over-demerit, Influence

11/10/2021 1:20:47 PM 0
Determining the Learning Styles of BS Marine Transportation Students Based on the Categorization of Honey and Mumford

Keyword/s: Learning styles, reflectors, theorists, activists

8/31/2017 2:17:26 PM 1448
Developing a Can-Do Self Evaluation List for Listening Skills

Keyword/s: Item analysis, listening comprehension, receptive skills, CEFR, listening skills inventory, self-evaluation, TOEIC

4/19/2021 3:55:57 PM 2
Effectiveness of Simulation and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) on the Performance of Students under Regimental Training on Selected Topics in Physics II

Keyword/s: Computer Assisted Instruction, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, Regimental Training, Simulation

9/5/2017 10:27:15 AM 1207
Effectiveness of the use of Math Plus Manual in Improving the Performance of IOP Students


11/4/2021 12:56:16 PM 0
Efficacy of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific Learning Management System

Keyword/s: Academic Intervention, Diagnostic Test, E-learning, Self-directed learning, Teaching Methodology

7/27/2021 2:52:11 PM 4
Evaluation of a six-week physical fitness training program for probationary cadets

Keyword/s: physical fitness; physical fitness training program; physical fitness test; maritime education and training

4/19/2021 3:02:44 PM 16
Faculty and Students’ Perception towards Outcome Based Education in Teaching Engineering Courses at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific

Keyword/s: Outcome Based Education (OBE), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP).

9/8/2017 11:40:31 AM 1134
Guidelines for Audio-Visual Presentation: Specifications for MAAP LMS Multi-Media Materials

Keyword/s: Encoding, Film and Photography, Instructional Material, Learning Management System, Multi Media Devices

11/3/2021 3:39:51 PM 0
Institutionalizing Demographic Profiling in the Academy

Keyword/s: demographic profile, learner variables, individual profile

9/5/2017 10:36:39 AM 206
Introducing GIS to TransNav and its Extensive Maritime Application: An Innovative Tool for Intelligent Decision Making?


8/31/2017 1:39:58 PM 2042
Investigating the Listening Comprehension Skills of Students

Keyword/s: Item analysis, listening comprehension, TOEIC test, CEFR

7/21/2021 2:09:31 PM 7
IQ and EQ of Selected MAAP Midshipmen: An Analysis

Keyword/s: Adaptability Quotient, Emotional Quotient, General Mood Management Quotient, Intelligent Quotient, Intrapersonal Quotient, Interpersonal Quotient,Stress Management Quotient

8/16/2021 9:14:13 AM 1
L2 Writing Anxiety of the Students of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific

Keyword/s: Second language writing, Anxiety, Coping strategy

9/8/2017 1:18:38 PM 187
Limits and Considerations in communicating effectively on board ship – the view of leadership and teamwork


8/31/2017 2:24:40 PM 305
MAAP Simulator Integration Program: a tool for excellence


8/31/2017 2:16:34 PM 1532
MAAPCNIA: A Boost to Authentic MET Instruction


8/31/2017 1:41:07 PM 269
Measuring Health and Well-Being Status of MAAP Employees

Keyword/s: health, well-being, consumption, physical

7/21/2021 1:53:02 PM 4
Merging form and function: Teaching rhetorical patterns to students

Keyword/s: rhetorical patterns, move analysis, genre analysis

9/5/2017 10:25:21 AM 760
Module Development for a Social Science Course: An Application of Gagne's Nine Events of Instructions

Keyword/s: module, Gagne’s Nine Events in Instructions, module writing process, learner centered instructional approaches; academic development; Gagne's model of instructional design; nine events of instruction

11/4/2021 11:03:32 AM 6
Navigating E-Learning During the Pandemic: MAAP’s Readiness and Response in Providing Continuity of Learning

Keyword/s: PESTEL, challenges, maritime education, MAAP, learning continuity, e-learning

11/4/2021 11:05:08 AM 5
Outcomes-Based Education as Incorporated in the English 2 Revised Manual

Keyword/s: OBE, revised English 2 manual

8/31/2017 2:20:12 PM 207
Perspectives of students about organizational communications in MAAP

Keyword/s: organizational communications, internal communications, barriers in communication

9/5/2017 10:34:41 AM 261
Predictors of Performance of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) in the OIC-Navigational Watch Licensure Examination

Keyword/s: Regimental Training, Licensure Examination, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, Scholastic Achievement, Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC), Administrative Related Factors, College related factors

9/8/2017 11:29:16 AM 1208
Problems Encountered in the Initial Implementation of Outcomes-Based Education at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific


9/8/2017 1:43:03 PM 432
Quick Response Code-Based Unified ID System for Educational Institutions

Keyword/s: QR Code, Unified ID, Authentication, ID System, Educational Institution

8/31/2017 1:47:26 PM 4408
Readiness of MAAP Graduates to Board as Third Officers Onboard a Vessel in the Maersk Line Fleet

Keyword/s: readiness, Third Officers, MAERSK Line

7/27/2021 3:13:07 PM 4
Refresher Course Post-Test Scores and Academic Performance in Physics: A Correlation Study


9/5/2017 10:18:05 AM 2374
Removal of sulfate by fluidized bed crystallization process

Keyword/s: Fluidized bed crystallization, Gypsum, Silica carriers, Sulfate removal

10/16/2017 4:46:20 PM 270
Sentence-Level Errors in Written English Essays of Selected MAAP Midshipmen:What Can We Do About It?

Keyword/s: Error Analysis, paragraph writing, essay, errors, grammar

9/5/2017 10:45:12 AM 185
Sponsors’ Feedback as a Tool for Continual Development

Keyword/s: feedback, continual development

9/5/2017 10:08:48 AM 201
Study Buddy in the Active Learning Approach: Its Effects on the Learning Achievement and Attitude towards Physics of the Fourth Class Midshipmen of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP)

Keyword/s: Study buddy, Active Learning, Achievement, Attitude towards Physics

8/31/2017 2:19:09 PM 1083
Survey about Language Learning Beliefs among Maritime Instructors

Keyword/s: motivation, learner beliefs, language learning, BALLI, maritime instructors

8/31/2017 2:18:17 PM 471
The Comprehensibility of Three Varieties of English by the Filipino Seafarers: Its Implications to the teaching of Maritime English


8/31/2017 1:46:02 PM 294
The Effects of MAAP's Supplemental Feeding Program on the Children's Nutritional Status and Academic Behavior


9/5/2017 11:48:47 AM 1342
The Impact of the Extension Services of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific in Some Selected Communities in Bataan: A Sociological Analysis


10/3/2017 9:44:47 AM 310
The Performance of Cadets during Shipboard Training: An Assessment

Keyword/s: Ship Board Training, Maritime Institution, Cadets, BSMT, BSMarE, Class 2015

9/8/2017 1:26:55 PM 224
Usability Evaluation of MAAP Learning Management System

Keyword/s: Moodle; learning management system; usability evaluation

4/19/2021 3:18:52 PM 3
Using Item Analysis to Improve Test Construction


9/5/2017 10:30:29 AM 325
Vertical Wave Power Generator


10/16/2017 4:42:59 PM 595
Writing and Speaking Proficiency of MAAP Students: For A Proposed Competency Based Framework in English

Keyword/s: Writing and Speaking proficiency in English, third class midshipmen/ women, MAAP

8/31/2017 2:22:10 PM 1013